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Xpel Window tint
Window Tint Long Island

Window Tint

Our tint experts with over 20 years of experience, use and apply the best films on the market today. From Xpel Prime to 3m Crystalline, to chameleon color shifting tint to mimic Mercedes and Range Rover windshields!

We carry all different types as well as different shades of darkness of tint to fit your exact needs

from 5% Limo to 90% clear (ceramic heat rejecting).


Xpel PRIME High Performance offers better heat rejection than traditional dyed films. Its enhanced reflective, deep black finish makes it a perfect blend of value and performance. Perfect for customers looking for a true "black" tint!


Xpel PRIME XR a nano-ceramic window tint film, maintains the same flawless appearance and clarity throughout the years. Blocking up to 88% infrared heat rejection with extreme clarity, color, and ability to block unwanted bright lights and heat!

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