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Aim Detailing | Long Island, Ny | Mercedes Benz SLS GT Paint Correction & Ceramic Pro 9H

When we received this SLS, the vehicle had many defects such as swirls, scratches, oxidized paint, countless holograms, and other isolated scratches. We took high resolution shots to reveal the true damage the vehicle had before we corrected the paint.

As you can see the "GT" is extremely oxidized, and there is a deep scratch on the trunk

This gallery displays prepping the vehicle for a full 3 step paint correction... We use several different polishers, cutting, and polishing pads to ensue a defect free mirror finish.


Once the car was fully corrected, we sealed it permanently with Ceramic Pro 9H Permanent Glass Coating

The vehicle received our Ceramic Pro Silver Package which includes-

5 Year Warranty

The Silver Exterior Package is designed for someone who is looking to enhance the paints gloss, depth, and shine while increasing resistance to scratches. Best of all the car will be super hydrophobic which will make maintenance a breeze. Vehicles oem paint is fully warrantied for 5 years.

1 layers of Ceramic Pro 9H Glass Shield on all painted exterior surfaces

1 layer Ceramic Pro Light Top Coat

1 layer of Ceramic Pro 9H on plastics

2 layer of Ceramic Pro Rain on all windows and glass

1 layer Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper Coating

After the coating has been cured for 48 hours it is ready to be delivered but the coating will continue to cure for approximately two weeks.

Super Hydrophobic Effect-


We also performed our Interior Steam Clean Detail-

As well as an engine bay detail. Entire engine bay degreased, and steam cleaned blasting away baked up grime. Sealed all plastics after for sleek satin finish!

Our photographers performed a photoshoot as well as a video shoot after the vehicle was complete!

Here at Aim Detailing we are certified applicators of Ceramic Pro Coatings. In order for a car to receive the Ceramic Pro treatment the car must be fully corrected and prepped.

All vehicles must be inspected at our location for a final quote. Contact us to set up an appointment.

Email- Work Cell- 516 270 8336

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