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Engine, Exhaust, and Performance Upgrades

We supply and install mostly bolt on performance upgrades such as Cold Air/ Short Ram Intakes, Exhausts, & ECU Chips. With these performance upgrades, customers are able to upgrade their vehicles by increasing its performance and being able to get the most out of their stock engines.

ECU Benchmark Tuning Eurocharged

Dyno testing Performance Increase

After Short Ram or Cold Air Intakes are installed, most cars typically receive an increase of about 10 HP, and about 10 LBS of Torque. In addition to a substantial increase in power, the intake will provide a deep sporty tune to the engine!  As a bonus most cars experience an increase of about 1 to 3 MPG due to the increase in the amount of air forced into the engine. Specific Dyno results are provided with each K and N kit.

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